9 Unique & Imaginative Ways Anyone Can Help Hurricane Katrina Disaster Victims – It’s Not Just Money


Hurricane Katrina is the largest Natural Disaster to hit the United States in over 100 years. Their are many ways you can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You need to dig down deep and give all you can then dig deeper and give a little more. There are more ways to help then just money. Here are 9 unique and imaginative ways anyone can help.

The First thing you need to do is find a good honest place where you can donate Money or supplies. This is easily done by calling a local Newspaper or TV Station. There are many ways to help not just money. Here is a Brief list of what you can do to help

1 – Donate Blood

Call your local red cross chapter and tell them you want to donate blood for Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims

2 – Donate Food

Many local churches and civic groups are collecting food items for the Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims.

3 – Donate Bottled Water

Many local churches and civic groups are collecting bottled water for the Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims.

4 – Donate Services

If you are a Medical professional or Search and rescue specialist you can contact FEMA or the Red Cross to volunteer your services. Other people can contract local churches, Charities and civic groups to see how they can help, people are needed to man collection centers, work at blood drives, pickup and drop off supplies.

5 – Donate Cloths

One TV Report said that many of Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims, don’t have shoes. Most only have the clothes on there back. Any donations of new or gently used clothing could be put to good use

6 – Donate Supplies

Supplies like, Cots, Coolers, Portable generators are all needed right now. Later when the big rebuilding effort starts Building supplies like lumber, Windows, Doors, Hardware will be needed.

7 – Donate Used Eye Glasses

Many Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims Lost their contacts or eyeglasses why not donate that old pair of glasses you don’t need.

8 – Donate Shelter

Many of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster victims are without shelter and it may take months to rebuild their homes. Do you have a camper, a rental property, a vacation home, a basement apartment? Make it available to victims of Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure your local church or civic group can help you find out how.

9 – Donate Money

It will take plenty of money too and your donations will be gladly accepted. Just make sure you donate to real charities who will help real people in need

There are many ways you can help if you use your imagination. Contact your local churches, civic group, TV or newspaper and ask them for suggestions on honest charities to offer your time, Money, Supplies too.

Good luck and thank you in advance for helping.